Frequently asked questions

We can easily switch to a new wireless operator in an unlocked phone. This is the by far the best benefit of an unlocked phone. Second hand phones save our money but we often struggle to unlock it. An unlocked phone also improves the resale value.

When we observe an operator who is giving better service comparatively in a cheaper plan we tend to switch. This also benefits us economically. We are always alert about these issues. They raise different types of questions in our mind.

Sometimes people give us a mobile as a present or we order them online. How to check if my phone is unlocked? Questions like these pop in our mind. Let’s go through the following answers of some frequently asked questions about phones!

General questions

Why is my phone locked?

A network lock or a SIM lock is a common issue. Upon activation a built in technical limitation makes the phone unable to unlock.

The main purpose of this limitation is to ensure the usage of the phone only under one network and also in selected countries. These systems can only be unlocked by IMSIs (International Mobile Subscriber Identities)

How do I know my phone is locked?

In order to find this answer you have to use a SIM card from a different operator. If you are able to use your phone with a new and different network, your phone is not locked. If your phone shows a message like “Emergency calls only” or “Incorrect SIM”, etc, then it’s most likely locked.

How do I determine if my phone is GSM or CDMA?

GSM and CDMA are two different ways to connect to a network. Normally the GSM enabled phones have SIM slots at the sides. In CDMA enabled phones normally you have to remove the back and in the case of Iphone you have to remove the battery to access the slim slot. The manufacturer guide is the easiest way to determine it. Go through it and your mobile specifications.

If you are still unable to determine, ask your service provider whether your phone follows GSM or CDMA protocol.

What is a phone SIM card?

A mobile SIM card can be compared to a mini memory card. It is also known as a subscriber identity module. An individual SIM card helps to identify a particular mobile network. It contains distinctive information. The mobile network consisting of the information allows the owner to send SMS and receive calls. It also provides mobile internet options.

What is a phone SIM lock?

SIM locks can be done in GSM cellophanes. Different carriers attract customers by subsidizing the device price. Then the customers become subscribers under service contracts. SIM lock is there when only one particular network is used in the device. SIM lock restricts Networks from other carriers till the end of its service contract.

Phone Shows “Unregistered SIM”. What do I do?

Switch off your phone. Try to remove the SIM card, place it back and turn on to see if it works. If it doesn’t work go through the settings and turn the network settings to automatic. Also don’t forget to check your cell phone service plan is activated or not. If needed call the service provider.

Questions About Unlocking

Why should I unlock my phone?

An unlocked phone has the advantage to easily replace networks. You can be in a place where the local network plan is better. You can easily switch the SIM and enjoy the new network.

Is phone unlocking legal?

It can be an Iphone or any other Smartphone, the legality of unlocking a phone varies from country to country. In most of the countries unlocking a phone is legal

Do I save money by unlocking my phone?

The answer is yes! You can easily switch your operator and insert a local SIM to experience an economical network when you are travelling or in a different destination. If your service contract expires you also can easily sell your unlocked phone at a good price.

How much technical knowledge do I need to unlock my phone?

Not that much. If you know the code to unlock your phone it's easier. You just need to follow the simple instruction and type the unlocking code as you type a mobile number.

What is a phone unlock code?

A phone unlock code is a pin. If you put the unlocking pin number you can unlock your phone. You can ask the pin to your service provider. You will be able to get the pin under their terms.

Can unlocking harm your phone?

Normally unlocking doesn’t bring any harm. Before unlocking it’s wise to check if it has the possibility to harm the terms and conditions of the service contract or warranty.

Do you have to unlock your phone every time you change networks?

You don’t have to unlock your phone every time you change the network. In the process the phone remains unlocked.

How do I check if my phone is locked?

Questions also arise like how do I check if my Iphone is unlocked? In both cases answers are the same. Try a SIM from a different carrier. If your phone works as usual it’s unlocked. If you receive error messages like “Emergency calls on”, your phone is most likely locked.

Questions About Freeiphoneunlock

What does Freeiphoneunlock do?

Freeiphoneunlock helps to permanently unlock your phone at a very cheap rate. We help you to quickly move to a suitable network with ease. If you are looking for the best phone unlocking company in the industry, you are at the right digital platform.

Why should you choose freeiphoneunlock?

Freeiphoneunlock offers competitive pricing with 100% money back guarantee. We have a 24/7 support staff to have you back. We also have one of the best and most experienced technical team in the industry. Choose Freeiphoneunlock to unlock your phone nationally and internationally.

How long would it take to unlock my phone?

After processing your order we send you the unlock code with an easy going instruction via email. To know the time to unlock, you have to go to our website and click the paid unlock option. Then you have to select your mobile brand, region, network and mobile model to know the accurate time. The time can also vary depending on the processing time of some critical methods.

How much would it cost to unlock my phone?

To know this answer you have to go to our website and go through the paid unlock option. Then you have to select your mobile brand, region, network and mobile model to know the accurate price to unlock your phone. We also provide free AT&T unlocking service for free. To gain this free service IMEI status of the device should be clean.


unlocking phones can be very important for an individual or a store owner. In important times unlocking your phone can save your time and bring you relief. It’s very obvious to ask questions about locked & unlocked phones in the procedure. Our 24/7 staff team is always there to help you. In addition we hope that the above answers to some important FAQs will help to know more about your phone.

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