How To Get Free Wi-Fi on Your IPhone

Posted by iunlock under iPhone Hacks on Saturday Apr 17, 2010

Getting a dose of free Wi-Fi can be easily accessed. There are lots of establishments that serve free Wi-Fi such as restos, offices, and even shopping malls. But if you’re considering of whipping out your IPhone, you might take a chance of using its Wi-Fi Finder which generates swift results and responses from its critics.

Some may be skeptical but this handy Wi-Fi Finder on your IPhone is one detection tool for you to stay online more effectively. When you’re out and needing to access your website or blog, or you just feel that urge to check your social networking accounts and do some research, the Wi-Fi Finder will not disappoint.

The Wi-Fi application makes you spot which public hotspots with free Wi-Fi are near you. Every search result will roll the name and address of the establishment where they can be located, whether it is free or paid WiFi and who the hotspot provider is. In tons of cases, the phone number for the establishment is provided as well.

Although the Wi-Fi Finder has gotten mixed reviews about being helpful, it has a weakness too. It doesn’t bode well for updating current locations and doesn’t work with iPod touch sans the GPS function. But the great thing about getting free Wi-Fi on your IPhone by utilizing the Wi-Fi Finder is that it has filter locking features, map navigation and callout enhancements, and bug repairs to reported crash during map startups.

So if you need a small, convenient and fast Wi-Fi application to provide you with basic, local hotspot info, then Wi-Fi Finder may do the job.

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